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1958-2007-Complete Live at the Hillcrest Club 1959-1-Something Else - The Music of Ornette Coleman 1959-2-Tomorrow Is The Question 1959-3-The Art Of The Improvisers 1959-4-The Shape of jazz to come 1959-5-The Change of Century 1960-1-This is our music 1960-2-Free Jazz 1961-1-Ornette 1961-2-Twins 1961-3-Ornette On Tenor 1962-Town Hall Concert 1965-1966-The Paris Concerts 1965-1966 1965-1-The Great London Concert 1965-2-Live Golden Circle Vol 1 1965-3-Live Golden Circle Vol 1965-4-Chappaqua Suite 1965-5-An Evening with Ornette Coleman 1965-6-Croydon Concert 1965-7-Falling Star-Live at Tivoli 1965-8-Paris concerts 1966-1-The Empty Foxhole 1966-2-Who's Crazy 1 1966-3-Who's crazy 2 1967- Forms and Sounds 1968-1-Love Call 1968-2-New York Is Now 1968-3-Complete Italian Tour-The Love Revolution 1968-4-Ornette at 12 1969-Belgium 1970-Friends And Neighbors - Ornette Live At Prince Street 1971-1-The Complete Science Fiction Sessions 1971-2-Broken Shadows 1971-3-Broken Shadows 2 1971-4-The Belgrade Concert 1971-5-Whom Do You Work For 1971-Live In Paris 1972-Crisis 1972-Skies of America 1973-Dancing In Your Head 1975-To Whom Who Keeps a Record 1976-Body Meta 1977-Soapsuds Soapsuds 1979-Of Human Feelings 1980-The Unprecedented Music Of Ornette Coleman 1983-Who's Crazy 1985-1-Opening the Caravan of Dreams 1985-2-Prime Time Design Time 1986-Song X 1987-In All Languages 1988-Virgin Beauty 1992-Le Festin Nu (Naked Lunch) 1993-Beauty Is A Rare Thing 1994-Sound Museum Hidden Man 1994-Sound Museum2 1995-Tone Dialing 1996-Colors - Live from Leipzig 2002-God Bless America 2006-Introducing Ornette Coleman 2006-Sound Garmmar 2007-The Best Of Ornette Coleman 2008-Les Incontournables - Ornette Coleman Le Festin Nu (Naked Lunch) Ornette Coleman - painting by Debra Hurd

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